Betrayal or Greediness? How would you describe Neymar’s move to PSG


Neymar’s move to PSG will go down in history of FC Barcelona as the worst n in football as also the best n the worst, in Barcelona it is a betrayal that has become the nemesis of all it’s problems, Neymar left Barcelona when he was most loved, most valued n most important player aside from Messi n of course among the most paid. When you have all those qualities shown 2u n most importantly the affection of the fans you don’t leave such a club u give ur life 2 them just like Messi is doing but Neymar has another plan brewing in his head, to dump Barcelona 4d sake of money n go to a club less recognized less valued, less historic all for the sake of money n an excuse for playing under Messi’s shadows. What a lame excuse, ask all the players that played under Messi’s shadow if they were not better than you Neymar (I can name a few Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta, Eto’o, Henry etc you ll never be great like this players n they’re grateful that they ve played under Messi’s shadow. The other aspect of his move that affect football negatively n positively is tha fact that players market Value has skyrocketed, the negative aspect is that players become too expensive even if they are not worth it all as a result of Neymar’s betrayal.

Moreover Neymar’s return to Barcelona does not have any economic reasons as he’s very expensive, he’s getting old at 29yrs, he’s character n attitude in PSG on n off the pitch is nothing good 2reference, there are far cheaper alternatives, loyal who can do better with the right atmosphere than him, plus he’s going to lick his own vomit about playing under the shadow of Messi. Aside from all the trouble Ms he has put FC Barcelona in football wise Neymar has not improve rather decline, he has not win anything important with PSG or has done any good performance in UEFA with all the caliber of players surrounding him yet they fail to achieve anything, at least FC Barcelona managed to reach the UEFA quarter finals twice in his absence but his PSG star studded team couldn’t reach anywhere near our achievement. In conclusion Neymar’s backstabbing betrayal will go down in history as the worst of all in football history simply coz of its lame reasons

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