Book Review: DISGUISE (Masking what’s Beneath)

This book is centered on betrayal and forgiveness. A thrilling story that points out the good friendship between three gentlemen who made it from rags to riches to setting up a Multimedia Company which was a dream come true for them.


One of them anticipated the huge success the company would bring to them as he saw himself being the sole owner of the company and hired hit-men to take out his friends to own the company without second thoughts.

The hit-men, of course, went on to cause enough mayhem in the town, commencing with Kuipers’ nephew (Jah Bwoy), who gave the police more troubles to chew.

The book is very well written as all readers will be swept away with the unimaginable suspense and will gain knowledge of the importance of friendship, handling the cold betrayal from close friends you trust the most and having a golden heart to forgive them after all the terrible things they have done to you.

It will help all readers as it resonates with numerous life lessons like staying true to their dreams, striving hard for them, set goals and with perseverance they will make it form the ground up to the top.

Like a double edge sword, the book also has hard-hitting poems and thought-provoking poems that reflect on life; the struggles, embracing our fears, the reality of life and a lot more. All readers can pick up lots of things to discuss on reflect on their lives.

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