Can you Buy ECG Prepaid with Mobile Money?


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) which is now Power Distribution Service (PDS) is the largest Hydroelectric power suppliers to Ghana and some sister countries.

Since the government decided to switch from postpay meters to Prepaid meters, Payment of electricity bills have become easy.

Individuals are now able to calculate the amount of electricity they use, A lot of people have also learn to use electricity and not waste it.

In this post, I will like to share my experience with you. On a visit to an Enterprise in Ashaiman Washington, a prepaid vendor point, where they allow their customers to buy ECG prepaid [MBH] with mobile money.

NB: They are two types of Prepaid meters in Ghana and It will be nice if you know the type you are using before trying this. Buying ECG prepaid with Mobile Money only works with the MBH meters. (Token)

MBH Power Limited is a total energy solutions company providing world-class services to meet the growing demand of the power sector in emerging markets. In Ghana, the Meter is mostly fixed on electricity poles and portable Device that reads fix in the house.

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