Get Motivated: Story of a boy who got fame drawing


Another Nigerian pencil artist has made it. I’m very glad to be the one posting this, for anybody who is reading to get motivated.

You can refer to this link
or still, let me review it to you, I previously posted on a guy who drew American actor Kevin Hart and got worldwide fame by the help of social media and it’s good users.

Here is another guy Ugochukwu Prince from Nigeria, very determined, talented, willing and with the burning desire to be an overcomer. He has overcome by drawing a masterpiece of American producer /hip hop artist DJ Khaled’s son congrats. He decided to draw  Asahd Tuck Khaled son of DJ Khaled and framed it nicely, took a picture with it posted on social media (Twitter) with the caption “Please help me retweet this till DJ Khaled sees this. God bless you

It’s very nice how the good people on twitter did not let him down, the artwork looks catchy. Which shows determination. He pinned the post and kept reposting it every day. It took him three months and yesterday on the 24th of March was the day Dj Khaled saw the post.

He commented and the post took off, it’s still trending on Twitter as I post this story. The artist now getting a lot of Jobs from all over the world.

Never give up on that dream, keep pushing it every day as he did and one day, I will post your story here.

Full Shots Below:

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