The Official Easter Pool Party ‘SMOOCH’ this 20th April at Keegee Hotel


The annual Smooch Pool Party organized by “No Rush Life” and “G.H.E” is here again. A program proudly sponsored by Cheers Condom and endorsed by a lot of celebrities.

This year’s edition will still be taking place at “Keegee, Hotel Tobora Alhaji as it is

Everything well planned as the program is being held at “Keegee, Hotel Tobora Alhaji. Organizers decided to change the location because they need a bigger place this time around all because of the massive crowd they received last year.

According to Efo Mawuli the CEO of the No Rush Life, The program “Smooch pool Party” is a full day show which commences at 10 O’clock am in the morning for the pool section and laters continue till mama calls in the Keegee club House.

Since the Smooch is an all day and night program, there will be a lot of activities coming through. Musical Performances by arts like Kratia Diva, Amelli, Cartoon, Henry Brafo, Supa (Ghana 2pac), Dalla Racks, Seyram Music and a lot more not forgetting there will be a guest artist passing through.

Mcs Like: ToliMaster and Safowaa

Well, known 6 Djs who will take turns to make the party a very memorable one.

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